Ordering & Designing Your Wedding Cake!

A wedding cake is the center piece that makes the reception.
At Pure Grain Bakery,
we can help you make the necessary choices that are needed
to choose a cake that is delicious and beautiful, serving all
your guests, fits within your budget.
To design the cake that is right for you, we need to know
several things before we can give you an accurate quote:

• How many guests do you expect to have?
• Are you saving the top tier?
• What shape of cake you want?
• What flavor of cake do you want?
• What type of filling do you prefer?
• What is your preference for icing?
• What plate or pillar system is aviable?
• Are you planning on fresh flowers?
• Who is decorating the cake table?
• Do you need the cake delivered and if so, the approximate distance to your venue?


Your main cake does not have to serve everyone.
Side sheet cakes decorated can be added  to make sure you have enough cake for all you guest.
In some cases, ordering a smaller show-piece cake and supplementing with a side sheet cake
help manage the over all cost of your wedding cake.
Cake Flavors & Fillings:
                 Our cake flavors are  White,  Dark, Marble or

create you own color.

We make our own cakes and icings, so we can customize recipes.
Cake flavors range from our
Plain Butter Cream, Chocolate, Mocha, Champagne and Mint.

 Fruit fillings, flavors to fresh fruits are Strawberry, Raspberry,

Mango and Lemon Jam
We recommend mixing up each layer.
Please note that custom and fresh fruit
fillings are extra.

Wedding Cakes avaiable in many forms and size.

Pricing Wedding Cakes:

Butter cream  $4.25 per Guest, serving.

Fondant covered Cake $ 4.50 per Guest, serving.

( we recomment on out side Wedding and hot days).

 Side Cakes:

1/4 Sheet  (20 servings)

1/2 Sheet  (35 servings)

Full Sheet (70 servings)

Cake tasting, consulting fee $15 we will apply back with your order.

Deliveries outside Vacaville: ask for priceing.