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Breads & Rolls

We offer a large variety of European-style breads! All of our breads are 100% natural, with no added fats, oils or sugars. For people with sensitive allergies to wheat, be sure to check out our wheat-free Pumpernickel.

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Gourmet Rye (Roggen Brot):
Traditional medium Rye bread with 60% medium Rye flour, 40% Unbleached Wheat Flour and added Rye Sourdough produced in our bakery.

German Three Grain (Dreikorn Brot):

Flax-Sesame seeds and cracked rye make this bread high in fiber. Contains 50% medium rye flour, 50% unbleached wheat flour and rye sourdough produced in our bakery.

Musli Bread (Frühstücks Brot):

Made from a Bavarian recipe, raisins, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and oatmeal make this cereal-like bread the perfect start for the morning.

Pumpernickel Bread (Volkorn Brot):

The number one bread for rye lovers. Made from 100% rye and cracked rye, medium rye flour and rye-sourdough produce. The dense and dark texture is a true sign of a Pumpernickel you are guaranteed to enjoy.


Light Sourdough Wheat (Weizen Misch Brot):

Wheat bread with a light taste of sourdough. Made from unbleached wheat flour, medium rye flour and made fresh in our bakery.

Whole Wheat (Weizenvolkorn Brot):

Whole wheat bread topped with Poppy and Sesame seeds. Perfect for sandwiches. Made with whole wheat, unbleached flour and medium rye flour.

Honey & Raisin (Rosinen Brot):

Our favorite bread to enjoy plain, toasted or as a French Toast. Made with 100% unbleached flour, select, rinsed raisins, quality honey, non-fat milk powder, yeast and salt.

Plain / Poppyseed / Pumpkinseed / Sesame Seed / Caraway Seed / Pizza Rolls / Jalapeno / Sauerkraut / French Rolls (plain) / Multigrain French Rolls / Dinner Rolls (plain or whole wheat) / Pull-apart Rolls (plain or whole wheat) / Hamburger Buns (plain or whole wheat)

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